Dot Com Boomerang Conference

On May 20, 2004, the Business Plan Archive sponsored a special session at Dot Com Boomerang in Chicago. The conference was organized by ePrairie to bring together Dot Com survivors from the greater Midwest.

The sponsored session - Extreme Survival Stories - included five minute presentations by thirteen founders or senior executives of companies that weathered the Dot Com downturn.

The formats vary from straight-forward corporate history (Jeff Pape, to more interpretive accounts (James Forni, NVU) of living through the boom and the bust. The only rule was that after five minutes, the music came up, and the next speaker took the stage.

We invite you to enjoy these snapshots into the inner workings of Dot Com companies in the greater Chicago area. The Business Plan Archive contains entries for each of these companies. Please feel free to share your comments or contribute additional materials on these or other ventures.

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David Kirsch, Business Plan Archive
Alex Campbell
Founder, Vibes Media
James Forni
Founder, NVU Productions (now SBI.Razorfish)
Gian Fulgoni
comScore Networks
Troy Henikoff
Founder, SurePayroll
Yoshio Kurtz
Founder, PeopleFlow
John Lee
Founder, Hostway Corporation
Jeffrey Pape
   Thomas Parkinson
Founder, Peapod
Janet Rogers
Founder, InfoRamp (now ANET Int'l)
Mark Roth
Patrick Spain
Founder, Hoovers, HighBeam Research
Alam Warms
Founder, Participate Systems
Alex Zoglin
Founder, Orbitz, neoVentures
David Kirsch, Business Plan Archive